10 Ways To Get Rid Of Excess Anxiety

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Excess Anxiety

This anxiety makes it difficult for someone to control himself. So, it is not uncommon to make someone sweat, speak haltingly, to ache in his stomach. But calm down, anxiety can be overcome easily by calming yourself down.

  1. Inhale

The simplest way to calm yourself from anxiety is to take a breath. Taking deep inhalations stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, calming the fight response and helping to neutralize anxiety. The breathing technique that you can do is quite simple, namely the 4-7-8 method. You need to exhale completely, inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and then exhale again through your mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat this method about five times, or it can be adjusted according to your needs.

  1. Do the Butterfly Hug

Maybe we are still very unfamiliar with the butterfly hug technique, but for people who are in the world of psychology and mental health, this may have become their daily diet. The butterfly hug is a basic psychotherapy technique for calming anger and relieving trauma to a person.

  1. Go to a Quiet Place

The way to calm down from the next feeling of anxiety can be by going to a place that you think is calm. To the wild, for example. Spending time in nature is believed to calm the mind and make life more balanced. It doesn’t take long. At least 15 minutes is enough to calm you down. With that, you will feel a very extraordinary effect.

There are recommendations for places that you can go to, such as gardens, parks, or even just looking out the window while practicing deep breathing. According to one study, being close to natural green spaces reduced depression and anxiety symptoms.

  1. Self Affirmations

For those unfamiliar with this sentence, self-affirmations are all positive and specific statements, or expressions addressed to one. By doing this, will help you to think positively and keep away from ‘sabotage’ yourself. Well, you can do this affirmation when you are feeling excessive anxiety. It’s very simple because you only need to say the following for yourself.

  1. Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, with its fragrances, is believed to be a way to calm down from anxiety. Aromatherapy, with various aroma variants, is thought to help activate certain receptors in the brain that have the potential to reduce anxiety. So, when you are feeling anxious and restless, immediately use aromatherapy. Vilitra and Cenforce 150  to help improve intimate life.

  1. Listening to Music

Listening to your favorite music will be a way to control your thoughts so that you only focus on the music. When you play music at a loud volume, make sure you are in a place where there are not many people so that you don’t make a fuss.

  1. Keep Warm and Make Yourself Feel Good

When the atmosphere is cold, it sometimes makes some people feel tense and anxious. Meanwhile, if they are in a warmer place, they will relax again. This arguably makes sense because it physically calms the body as a form of response to cold temperatures. He found that a person feels less anxious after spending time in a sauna. Other studies have also mentioned the same thing, that this condition impacts serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood.

  1. Reduce Use of Social Media

Sometimes excessive anxiety can arise because of the use of social media. Therefore, when you feel anxious, useless. Although some people often use social media to express their heart. However, this habit is very dangerous and is not recommended. This is because social media will only make sufferers more and more compare themselves to other people. This is what will make them even more anxious in the future.

  1. Exercise regularly

A study shows by doing regular exercise can be a way to calm down from anxiety. Physical activity such as exercise can increase the production of endorphins, which have the effect of reducing pain and inducing feelings of pleasure, calm, and happiness. However, to get these benefits, you don’t need to do excessive exercise to feel the benefits. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 can be help Physical health.

  1. Do your best and never delay

One of the factors that cause anxiety is the habit of procrastinating. Because delaying is not something that can prevent you from feeling anxious. Precisely, delaying can bring about the condition. Therefore, as much as possible to do it immediately. However, to deal with the anxiety that occurs out of control, you can do your best to relieve anxiety.

You need to know that anxiety is not a mistake but a part of us as humans. You don’t need to worry anymore when you feel anxious, because you can do the method above easily.

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