13 Tips for The First 1000 Twitter Followers

13 Tips for The First 1000 Twitter Followers - CBS News
13 Tips for The First 1000 Twitter Followers - CBS News

13 Tips for The First 1000 Twitter Followers

Twitter has 317 million active monthly users as of January 2017. This gives your rising fan base 317 million opportunities. The fact that Twitter followers or other social media adherents nowadays is a modern reminder for your personality and skills. An excellent follow-up proves that you are worthy to keep up with promoters, industry leaders, and potential fans, and can attract a crowd as an artist. So today, we will delve into 13 tips that will help you crack this mark in no time at all.

1. Choose a handle near the name of your artist

This way, when people want to follow or tweet you, they can check for you quickly. The handle should also be the same as your Instagram — don’t make too many things special about you for your Twitter followers. Coherence is important. See below for a clear example of R3HAB, which uses both its Twitter and Instagram exactly the same name.

2. For an outstanding photo profile

Maybe the same photo you use for Spotify or Soundcloud so that people know you. Keep it easy so that people know you are legitimate (and professional).

The picture of the R3HAB profile is good because it is high quality and most of its circular frame is taken up in its image. Make sure that you follow the latest picture resolution and size guidelines on Twitter. In one aggregating location, Sprout Social updates guidelines such as this periodically.

3. More than words tweet

The tweets with pictures are likely to have twice as much of a dedication as those without, according to a Buffer Social Study. People also remembered the data on the tweet when it went with a photo, so people will think and talk more about you. You can tweet images, videos, screenshots, GIFs, memoranda, links, and any digital media you want. There are infinite possibilities, and you need to profit from them.

4. Text tweets must be concisely always

In fact, the most common Tweets are between 110 and 120 characters, according to the same social survey by Buffer.

5. Your mates are hashtags

This is a straightforward way to obtain more exposure and supporters in the unscrewed fan base. For starters, anyone can find and discover yours on #NewMusicFriday.

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Do not forget to use #TBT or #FBF (Flashback Friday) as an excuse to share videos of the past or links for streaming the songs released in the previous years. The following are the first samples of the new songs.

6. Regularly tweet, but don’t pause.

You will not want users to waste some follow-up on you if you look at your timeline and Twitter within a week when you will only take up space on your feed if you tweet for the entire day. Keep up-to-date and attentive to your urge to follow, but not exaggerated — like you might at first. Buffer Social, an app for social media programming, recommends tweeting about 3 times a day to get the most out.

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7. Calendar is everything

Buffer also has data about the best time for tweeting during the week or during the day. The study reveals that Twitter is being used by users up to 14 percent more on weekends and retweets about 5:00 p.m. during the week. You probably won’t get some engagement for obvious reasons on a Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. These times will now differ more in accordance with your particular Twitter Followers, but these are fantastic guidelines.

8. Goal Retweets

There is now no precise science about it — so if you’re tweeting something good enough that a person feels proud of sharing it on their own schedule (i.e. words of recommendation, artistic inspiration, or a humorous feeling that you know others share), you get retweets and thus more exposure and therefore more followers. But make sure you remain real, or Twitter will see it. One AWAL member, in particular, Michael Brun, is an excellent example to use this tactic well.

9. Goal for pt retweets. 2 — consumers of incentive 2

Retweets competitions are really common ways to actually roll in these retweets. Many artists and influencers in social media promise stuff like DMs, Skype calls, and even meet-and-greet occasionally. Give yourself a little and get a lot of exposure and new supporters.

10. It’s always poor to be negative or middle

Hate or aggressive messages can be 100% disabled. It’s important to remain truthful and true to yourself, but being actively negative or talking will certainly dissuade potential supporters.

11. Join other music influencers and artists

It is important to engage with others on Twitter, especially in your circles. Let artists like you know that showing your help with Twitter shows you are a great way to gain support, and perhaps you will be discovered. If a greater artist tweets to you, you can also get new followers. So, for starters, you can jump on it if you don’t follow AWAL…

12. Promotion Vs personality

Make sure your tweets are more than just promos about upcoming launches, shows, merchandise etc. in line with your own personal confidence. Your blend of social content needs to be assured is fresh. Fans on Twitter also follow you to find out more about you as a person. Sprinkle with a little character (like we discussed in number 8). Certainly, on Twitter, you can and should promote yourself, but note that there is always balance.

13. Consider the follow-up ratio

Protect the brand by ensuring a strong relationship between follow-ups is established. You may look like a robot account or someone who isn’t that relevant if you follow more people than those who follow you. Hope these tips for the first 1000 Twitter Followers will help you.

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