Baked Potatoes for Your Breakfast Recipe

Baked Potatoes For Your Breakfast Recipe - CBS News IN
Baked Potatoes For Your Breakfast Recipe - CBS News IN

Potato dishes are staple for breakfast and snacks. There are several approaches all through which you may cook dinner or use potatoes and affords it nearly all types of flavours you desire.

Baked Potatoes for Breakfast is nothing amazing however may also be a easy and more healthy choice to the fried potatoes that we all like to snack on. To structure this convenient breakfast recipe all you would like is potatoes, pink bell pepper, onions, salt, garlic powder, pepper and an oven to bake it in.

  1. You May add your very own twist to the existing traditional breakfast recipe by means of including some cheese and herbs. This can also make it a healthy meal and can add on the taste.
  2. To shape it extra healthy, You tweak the dish with candy potatoes and use much less oil.
  3. You will add in some greater veggies or sparkling cream to shape this dish greater delightful.

If you want it spicy you may add sprinkle some pink chilies and to structure it greater flavorsome you may garnish it with some oregano. To shape the potatoes extra crispy earlier than baking you may dirt some a combination of rice flour blended with pepper and salt this may additionally add a first-rate crunch to these potatoes.

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We all comprehend you are leaping with pleasure due to the fact this is regularly one dish it really is sure to be cherished by using teens and adults alike. This vegetarian recipe additionally can be organized for the duration of a non-stick fry pan by means of brushing some oil on the potatoes and veggies. These baked potatoes are regularly served with home made dips and tastes excellent when served with sparkling juice or tea.

Ingredients of Baked Potatoes for Breakfast –

  • four potato
  • 3/4 white onion
  • sea salt as wished
  • black pepper as wished
  • 1 and 1/4 pink bell pepper
  • two teaspoon garlic powder
  • two tablespoon greater virgin vegetable oil

For Garnishing –

  • 1 and 1/4 handful coriander leaves

Step 1: Preheat the oven: Preheat oven to 218 diploma Centigrade. On an outsized baking tray, mix sliced potatoes, sliced bell peppers and onions chopped into wedges. Sprinkle some vegetable oil over the veggie alongside facet garlic powder, floor black pepper and salt. In fact, you may ado veggies as per your palate preference. this is frequently one recipe the place you may add your very own innovation.

Step two: Toss and serve: Toss the veggies to coat them evenly and organize in the course of a layer. Now bake till they flip soft and golden on the aspects (approx, forty five minutes). Toss each quarter-hour to bake evenly. Serve warm through garnishing with coriander leaves. Serve warm via garnishing with coriander leaves.

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