Change These Settings to Prevent data sharing to China

Change These Settings to Prevent data sharing to China -
Change These Settings to Prevent data sharing to China -

As you know that the Government of India has banned 59 Chinese Apps at the Android and Apple Store from last Monday. You can see the banned Chinese apps in India here. But only this step is not enough for Anti-China Movement. We need more important steps to be taken as soon as possible to prevent data leak to China through our smartphones. Most of us are not that much aware about our personal data sharing through some settings on our mobile phones especially when we use Chinese smartphones like RedMi, Oppo, Vivo, Gionee etc.

Most of these Chinese smartphones comes with a lots of settings and options that can be easily ignored by anyone. We need to change these settings to prevent sending our personal data to China that may be used against us and against our country in future. The most popular and highly purchased Chinese mobile brand is Redmi. Therefore, some of the above mentioned settings are elaborated below with step by step process for a Redmi Smartphone (Redmi Note 7 Pro):

Disable Mi Cloud Backup

Change These Settings to Prevent data sharing to China 1

Open Settings Menu on your mobile and tap on MI Account as shown in the Image and proceed to the next image

Find the Option Xiaomi Cloud at the bottom as shown on the image and tap on that and proceed to the next image

Change These Settings to Prevent data sharing to China 2
Change These Settings to Prevent data sharing to China 3

Ensure that all the options are set to Off and that’s it for prevention of Data sharing

Disable Mi Backup & Restore

Move to Settings > About Phone > Tap on Backup & Reset option. Ensure that the Xiaomi Cloud Backup is turned Off

Here, You can use Local Backup or Google Backup & Reset options and that is enough for Data Backup

As the Backup and restore of Data is more important for your mobile and for that the Google cloud Backup is enough . You can securely create backup associated with your E-Mail and restore them on any other mobile phone.

Besides the Cloud Backup and MI Backup & Restore options, you can see that there are some Chinese apps are pre installed on your phone. You can all Contact, SMS and other permissions for these apps and also restrict Data Usage to these Apps if you are not using them. To do this please follow the process mentioned below:

Move to Phone Settings > Apps > Tap on Manage Apps option. Then Tap on the App you want to restrict Data Usage and find the required settings on next screen

Here, You can find Two Options i.e. App Permission and Restrict Data Usage. Ensure that all the App Permission is Off and Restrict Data Usage for both the SIM

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