Cycling benefits and disadvantages of Cycling

Cycling benefits and disadvantages of Cycling

The cycling benefits are endless. But there are a few disadvantages of cycling that you should be aware of. An international medical study found that the benefits of riding a bicycle everyday far outweigh the health risk of breathing exhaust fumes even in the more polluted cities. With tens of thousands of premature deaths a year linked to the pollution in car exhaust, that is a significant claim as to how good cycling is for you.

Cycling Benefits

  • Cycling allows a person to experience aging without the loss of energy or any reduction in the level of activity. As the body continues to be exposed to cycling it adapts so well that it gets stronger as it ages. Cycling allows an individual to enjoy the benefits of having an athletic level of fitness throughout their entire life.
  • One of the best cycling benefits is after decades of cycling I have saved enough money on fuel and car expenses to retire early. That was a good thing. I have never been unhealthy or out of shape. At 63 years I can ride faster and with seemingly less effort than I could in my twenties.
  • Every morning I suspend this body from it’s ankles and force it to do 250 modified crunches. This increased pressure on the brain seems like a good way to troubleshoot for potential failures. I put this body through the rigors everyday, and cycling seems to have increased it’s resilience considerably.
  • Cycling is so good for you that as you get older and someone half your age challenges you, (because they think their youth assures their advantage over you) you will find that is not a question of, can you keep up with them. It is a question of, can they keep up with you. And that’s turning a frown upside down.

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Disadvantages of Cycling

  • Cause Injuries – If you ride in a wrong position or wrong bike fit size, you might have injuries for long distance cycling. Also the downsides of cycling include little weight bearing, which could lead to bone density loss, the limited range of motion of cycling in one plane only, which can lead to muscle imbalances, and perhaps a potential for more accidents due to traffic.
  • Physical Problems – Because the common riding position is long and low cyclists are prone to neck, lower back and wrist problems. You can also jar all of the above if you miss a pothole or drop.
  • Dangerous if You Are Not Familiar with Lock shoes – If you are not familiar with lock shoes and lock pedals, it’s better to practice before you ride on the road or in a group.
  • Cost Money – If you are crazy about carbon fiber bikes, you will spend thousands of dollars on upgrading your equipment. Carbon wheelset, integrated handlebar, latest groupset, aero helmet, you name it 🙂
  • Time-Consuming – If you ride 40–100 km per time, 2–3 times per week (Which is quite normal for cyclists). Then you need to have a lot of free time to ride, and the weather could also be a problem.

In short these are the cycling benefits and disadvantages of Cycling

Cycling benefits:

  • Low impact – Most sports stress certain muscles or joints too much and result in injury. Tennis for example, you can roll an ankle or get tennis elbow. Running you can get all sorts of hip, knee, ankle and foot problems. Biking is like swimming. It’s low stress on your body.
  • Gentle cardio – many cardio exercises stress your heart and breathing a bit too much. My heart rate when running is 155 to 160. But I can bike for hours at a nice low 120 heart rate.
  • Scenery – no other sport offers the same opportunity to enjoy so much scenery. Nothing even comes close.
  • Ecology – bike commuting saves gas, wear and tear on your car, reduces carbon emissions, and reduces traffic.

Disadvantages of Cycling:

  • You do get a sore butt, and chafing pains.
  • There is a risk of crashing, and every biker has been in at least one crash. I’ve crashed three times but was able to walk away with only a few scrapes each time.
  • Nice rides require nice weather. Rain, excessive cold or heat, or headwinds can ruin a ride.
  • Riding in the dark is dangerous.
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