Jalesh Cruise – India’s Largest Cruise Ship

Jalesh Cruise - India's Largest Cruise Ship

Searching for a better way to travel? Then here is the Jalesh Cruise – India’s Largest Cruise Ship. Maybe a little rest and relaxation with a day at a therapeutic spa, or a cocktail at your balcony as you bask in the romantic glow of the setting sun. Whatever your idea is, Jalesh Cruises take care of everything to make your dream vacation a reality. No need to worry about making hotel reservations or searching for the right restaurant – Jalesh cruises are filled with everything you need for an all-inclusive vacation.

Embark on the holiday of your dreams aboard the ship as unique as its name- Karnika, India’s First Premium Luxury Cruise. It’s time to take a cruise and explore your favourite destinations across India, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and many more among others.

 Jalesh Cruise Packages  No. of Nights  Price*
 Mumbai-Dui-Mumbai  3 Days 2 Nights  Rs. 18,580
 Mumbai-Ganapatipule-Mumbai  3 Days 2 Nights  Rs. 18,580
 Mumbai – High Seas – Mumbai  3 Days 2Nights  Rs.20,450
 Mumbai –Mormugao (Goa) – Mumbai  3 Days 2 Nights  Rs.20,450
 Mumbai-Mormugao (Goa)- High Seas-Mumbai  4 Days 3 Nights  Rs.27,885
 Dubai-Muscat- High Seas-High Seas-Mumbai  5 Days 4 Nights  Rs.29,820
 Mumbai-Ganapatipule-Mormugao (Goa)-High Seas-Mumbai  5 Days 4 Nights  Rs.33,515
 Mumbai-High Seas-High Seas-Muscat-Dubai  5 Days 4 Nights  Rs.35,845

About Karnika by Jalesh Cruise – India’s Largest Cruise Ship

Jalesh Cruise Karnika was built for Sitmar Cruises in 1989 by Fincantieri in Monfalcone, Italy. Before entering service she was transferred to P&O Princess Cruises after P&O acquired Sitmar. She started her journey as Crown Princess sailing until 2002, when she was renamed A’Rosa Blu and transferred to A’Rosa Cruises. Till 2018 the ship was acquired and operated by few companies before finally being purchased by Zen Cruises subsidiary Jalesh Cruises and was renamed Karnika. The cruise ship ‘Karnika’ is named after the celestial nymph (Apsara Karnika) an Indian mythological character known for her beauty and alluring charms, who according to the legend of ‘Samudra Manthan’ emerged when Gods and demons churned the ocean for Amrit (nector) to reward those engaged in hard labour. The name is also inspired by the ‘Manikarnika’ ghat the first and oldest Indian ghat in the ancient city of India, Varanasi.

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Karnika is a 70,285 ton home-ported vessel that promises to deliver international-standard cruising experience with a unique Indian flavour. With a carrying capacity of 2,000+ guests, the ship has four accommodation options including Ocean View (430 cabins), Balcony (162 cabins), Interior (209 cabins) and Mini Suites (36 cabins).

The Cruise ship undertook its maiden sail from Mumbai to Goa on April 17, 2019 and is expected to contribute to building Mumbai as a major cruise port. It offers onshore destinations and excursions across Indian port cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Mormugoa, Vizag and international destinations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Muscat, with new destinations being added. The major sailings of Jalesh cruises are Mumbai to Goa (Mormugoa) cruise, Mumbai to Diu cruise and Mumbai to Muscat cruise. However, its Mumbai to Goa cruise is the most popular. The ship is exclusively designed to offer a rich experience of Indian hospitality, culture, gastronomy while cruising over its beautiful landscape. The lavish range of offerings onboard caters to both domestic and international travelers. Jalesh cruises aim to create the best of holidays in India for vacationers, corporates, wedding planners and event organizers to offer new experiences.

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Step aboard the beautifully designed Jalesh cruise ship and enjoy cruising in the classic style with a wide array of engaging opportunities for exploration, entertainment, and relaxation. Learn more about life onboard Jalesh Cruises:


Broadway musicals, live music concerts, burlesque performances, dazzling magic shows, feature films, standup comedians, Las Vegas shows and nightclubs that get your feet movin’ and groovin’. There’s something happening around every corner; luckily, you have a whole cruise of days and nights to experience it all.

Staterooms & Suits

From the moment you step aboard, you will feel welcomed and right at home. And with attentive personal service and daily housekeeping from a friendly staff that knows what hospitality means, you’ll find your Jalesh ship truly is your home away from home.


Variety of exotic Indian as well as international cuisine display high standards of hospitality on board with three fine dining restaurants offering Indian cuisine at waterfront and Thai, Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese cuisines at the Chopstix, along with a variety of delicacies ranging from barbeque, street food, grills, patisserie to frozen desserts.

Bars & Lounges

The wide selection of lounges and gathering spaces bring nights to life.

Pool & Pool Bar

Soak in the sunshine with a day spent lounging by the outdoor pool. Cool off in the refreshing water, grab a cocktail from the adjacent Pool Bar, or take in the scenery from a comfortable lounge chair.

Spa, Salon & Fitness

Enjoy and relax in the bubbles of the jacuzzi, in sauna or in the pool bar. Pamper yourself with a massage or a beauty treatment.


Located on Deck 8, the Player’s Casino will spoil you for choices. From most popular games like Blackjack, Poker, Casino War and Slot Machine Games to some amazing table games, this place is sure to rise up your excitement.

Kids & Teenagers

Children of all ages can expect fun entertainment, spectacular shows, educational pieces and lots of different activities designed to bring out their creative sides onboard the cruise ship.

Shore Excursions

Jalesh cruises offer you what is probably the most comfortable way to discover new places, cultures and people. Get pampered with a range of half and full-day Shore tours in almost all ports of call.

Personal Service

From your arrival to departure you will receive top-notch service and attention to every detail, promising you intuitive, attentive service in casual, elegance surroundings. The outstanding, friendly, onboard staff will do their best to serve you with what you want before you’ve even asked for it!

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