Most Extreme Motorcycle Races

Most Extreme Motorcycle Races

Any motorcycle race is a thrilling and dangerous endeavor. There are some Most Extreme Motorcycle Races organized in the world which are most dangerous as well as adventurous. The very nature of motorcycles makes them far more hazardous than other vehicles when mishaps occur, and pushing them to the limit on a racetrack makes them more dangerous than the already are – but to racers and spectators alike, the risk is worth it.

But then, there is another level altogether of motorcycle racing – a level where races are so fast, dangerous, and lethal that even many professional racers wouldn’t even consider them. They put both man and machine to the absolute limits – and frequently many never make it to the finish line. To even run in one of these races is an accomplishment; to finish is truly a victory in its own right.

These are the most extreme motorcycle races in the world, and despite the extreme cost, danger, and sometimes tragedy they entail, we just can’t get enough of them. Check out the Most Extreme Motorcycle Races here.

These are the Most Extreme Motorcycle Races in the World:

Isle of Man TT

This race has been held on a small island between Ireland and England. Until now, it is considered as the most dangerous race in the world.

The road route is extremely dangerous with snakes around the island over almost 38 miles. Racer has to come across towns and villages with speed more than 130mph.

Estimated that there are about 240 riders died during TT’s history but it continues to remain hugely popular with both racers and fans.

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North West 200

It is an annual road race in Northern Ireland which takes place on public streets with a huge number of fans. It is notable when racer can overcome speed 200mph.

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The first competition was held in 1929 with relatively low fatalities. But the regulation as well obstacle around racing roads seem unsafe and extremely risky for racer. For example there are no street signs or lampposts and telegraph poles to take note for racer.

Dakar The Dakar Rally

It takes place annually in South America from 1979 until now. It is also called off-road race. It was original from Paris, France to Dakar in Senegal.

In 2008, this competition was cancelled due to the threat of terrorism so they can’t race through the African desert. Then it has been removed to Argentina and Chile from 2009 for both professionals and amateurs racer.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

While this is an old race – America’s oldest motorsports race, in fact – it is still a relative newcomer to the motorcycle racing world. This is because of the nature of the course itself – for most of it’s century-long history, the winding, 12.42 mile course that heads straight up to the peak of a 14,110-foot tall mountain was mostly unpaved, and the race was known more of an off-road rally competition as a result.

The SCORE Baja 1000

The SCORE Baja 1000 is a grueling off-road race that takes place each November in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. The race was founded in 1967, and is today one of the premier events for long-distance off-road racing in the world.

The Baja 1000 features a number of vehicles classes from trucks, to buggies, to ATVs, and the race, which spans from 600 to nearly 1000 miles depending on the course, is perhaps known today or trophy truck racing. But the race actually started as a challenge between four wheels and two, to see which type of vehicle could best dominate the long, dry, flat Baja terrain.

Paris-Dakar Rally

This race has perhaps the oddest name of any on our list, as the race doesn’t occur on the same continent as either Paris or Dakar. The name actually comes from it’s original course, which was founded in 1977 and took riders on an epic cross-country journey from Paris, France to Dakar, Morocco. But due to safety concerns and political tension in North Africa during the 2000s, the race was moved completely to its current home in South America, but kept its iconic name.

Spanning an unbelievable 5000 miles or more, the Paris-Dakar rally is without a doubt the longest, deadliest, and most legendary off-road race in the world. Numerous vehicle classes race across half the South American continent over the course of two grueling weeks, which is so long it even includes recovery days at bivouac sites to rest up and perform maintenance on machines. Racing classes vary from massive off-road trucks the size of buses to high performance rally cars – but the toughest vehicles to take across the seemingly endless course are motorcycles, 450cc rally bikes modified with long travel suspensions, tall windshields and massive fuel tanks.

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