Top Reasons Running is better than Gym

Top Reasons Running is better than Gym
Top Reasons Running is better than Gym

A lot of debate has already been done on the topic “Running is better than Gym” or “Gym is better than Running”. I think People who run, will always find running a better way of exercise than gymming and vice versa. But I have a few pointers which can put some light to the fact that running is better than gym because running has some upper hand as compared to going to the gym.

Let’s have a look why Running is better than Gym

Best Cardio Workout: It strengthens the body muscle and bones. Perfect for beginners, experts or athletes. Improves the blood circulations and hydrates body in the form of excess sweat. It comes with lots of benefits. So, go on and hit the track with your favorite powersong.

Outdoor Atmosphere: It’s very refreshing experience to spend time under the lap of nature, that too coupled with several health benefits. It’s absolutely suffocating for one to workout in that too with all those heavy equipments. But running out in backyard or garden will be revitalizing experience. That’s why researchers are telling that running is better than gym.

Running can help you live longer: One more reason that running is better than gym is Runners live longer than those who don’t. In one Archives of Internal MedicineOpens in a new Window. study, researchers followed about 1,000 adults (ages 50 and older) for 21 years. At the end of the study, 85 percent of the runners were still kicking it, while only 66 percent of the non-runners were alive.

Keeps your heart healthy: The interiors of the two ventricles that pump out blood increase in size by 20 percent when you run. This increases blood supply all across your body, and benefits several organs. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol which is often the culprit behind heart diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that modest runners having heart disease had a 55% lowered risk of  heart disease related death. Their overall risk of dying was reduced by 30% compared to non-runners.

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Great for your lungs: Running increases heart rate, thereby increases lung function. Running improves the function of respiratory muscles. It also causes alterations in the elasticity of lung and chest wall or of ventilatory muscles. It improves the vital capacity and other lung volume.

Slows down ageing: Nobody likes to grow old but it is inevitable. Running has several health benefits that can delay the process. Several studies have confirmed that exercising can reverse ageing and running is one of the best forms of exercise you can do.

Reduces depression: Few things can treat depression more rapidly than running. What happens is that running releases endorphins in your body and thus elevates your mood.

Helps you sleep: Rigorous running can help keep your mind free from distractions that disrupt sleeping. Inadequate sleep will slow you down through the day and have an impact on your work and life.

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Running fights off beer bellies: As you age, pounds just have a way of gluing themselves to your stomach. But in one Medicine & Science in Sports & ExerciseOpens in a new Window. study of more than 100,000 runners, those who ran 35 or more miles per week gained less weight in their bellies throughout their mid-life years than those who ran less than nine.

Running doesn’t require a ton of equipment: Running is pretty much easier than jym workout. Because If you’ve got shoes, shorts and a shirt, you are good to go. No machines, dumbbells, or even mats required for running. While Jym required tons of equipments, space and much more.

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Running strengthens your bones: Unlike every other aerobic workout you can crank out in the gym, running is high impact, meaning it loads and remakes your bones along with your muscles. “Swimming, cycling, and working on the elliptical don’t train your bones,” says Jason Fitzgerald, a USA Track & Field-certified coach and the founder of Strength RunningOpens in a new Window.. “If those are the only things you do, you’re at risk for weak bones and osteoporosis.”

No Waste of Money: Sometimes we spend a lot amount even unknowingly on gym, car,driver, you might be thinking all these are the regular basic necessities. But here let me correct you, all these can be replaced with our body effort. Yes, you heard it right. Give a small amount of time for the body you live in. Instead of elevator use stairs, walk to office of possible.

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